Welcome to Title Partners of South Florida where you will enjoy a professional, engaging and memorable closing "experience". What sets us apart from other title companies? Besides our highly competitive rates, state-of-the-art e-services, and 24/7 communication platform, we go above and beyond to create a closing "experience". The closing is the most important part of the transaction and our #1 goal is for you to walk away from the closing table with a positive, long-lasting memory.

We are also committed to transparency, security and excellence throughout the entire closing process. We guarantee your NPI (non public information) is secure, we implement all of the Best Practices set forth by ALTA (American Land Title Association) and we adhere to all the rules set forth by the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau).

You can rest assured that you are in competent, professional and secure hands.

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We are also committed to transforming the Real Estate Closing into a more enjoyable and memorable “experience” by engaging with our clients on and off-line. In addition to our brick and mortar presence which has been established since 1995, we encourage you to:

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In addition to the online engagement and transparency listed above, below are the Top 10 reasons why Title Partners of South Florida, Inc should be your choice to facilitate your closing, clear title and issue your title insurance policy. Please compare these statements with other companies you may be considering.


10. Our mission is to provide you with a "professional, engaging and memorable closing experience". We believe in this mission and your happiness before, during and after your closing is our top priority.


9. The employees at Title Partners of South Florida, Inc. are a balanced mix of experienced veterans and young upcoming stars in the title industry. Rest assured you have true professionals working for you to clear title and coordinate your closing.


8. We’ve been in business since 1995 and have successfully closed thousands of real estate transactions throughout the entire state of Florida.


7. You should never receive voice mail or be bounced around through prompts when you call our office. We have a full-time receptionist who is happy to take your call and connect you with the appropriate person who can help you.


6. We have attorneys available who will work for you to resolve any issue that may arise before or during your closing.


5. We have a "double check" file and closing system. In addition to the processors and closers preparing the files, we have a 3rd person thoroughly review the file before closing to ensure nothing has been missed and to eliminate the potential for issues at the closing table.


4. We deliver your Owner's Title Insurance Policy at the closing, to eliminate you having to wait months for it after closing.


3. Two (2) of the nation's largest underwriters back our title insurance policies, First American Title Insurance Company and Fidelity National Title Insurance Company.


2. We have received numerous Top 10 agent awards from both of our underwriters.


1. GUARANTEED a professional, engaging and memorable closing experience!


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Broward County Title Insurance Quote

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Florida title Insurance is not just about the cost!

Title Partners of South Florida, Inc is a Florida title insurance company established in 1995 and backed by two of the largest title insurance underwriters in the nation, First American Title Insurance Company and Fidelity National Title Group. Florida title insurance rates are Promulgated, so each Florida title insurance company should charge the same for a Florida title insurance policy. The only major difference should be the closing fee, which is generally competitive within the industry. Besides facilitating the closing and issuing a Florida title insurance policy, the most important job of a Florida title insurance company is to run a county title search and to clear title before closing, so you do not have to make a claim on the title insurance policy after closing, incur any hardship or possibly even lose your home! It is important you choose a Florida title insurance company carefully.

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