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What is a Title Company?

what is title company title company of south florida

You are about to buy your first home. You are feeling very excited, maybe a bit overwhelmed, and maybe a bit scared. After all, buying a home is a big deal, and you want everything to be perfect. You may even have begun looking at new furniture for your home and discussing new paint colors…

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Title Insurance In Miami-Dade County And Appreciating Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Your diligence, perseverance, hard work, and discipline has allowed you to get to the point of buying a house here in South Florida. That’s certainly something worth celebrating! Not everyone can afford to purchase a home, whether it’s their first house or their fourth investment property. This isn’t something that’s done overnight, and buying the…

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Why Choose Our South Florida Title Insurance Company?

If you’re thinking about buying a new home or piece of property, you’ve probably heard the following statement multiple times: “This will be the biggest and most important purchase of your life.” We’re not trying to downplay the potential of your future investments, but as a title insurance company serving multiple counties in South Florida,…

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Fun Facts About Title Insurance Worth Knowing

When you think of something like “title insurance,” you might not necessarily associate the words “fun” or “interesting” with it. That’s completely normal because insurance is just one of those things in life that you need to (or should) have, regardless of how much fun it is or isn’t to navigate your insurance needs. Title…

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Title Insurance – Is It Worth the Cost?

Is Title Insurance Worth the Cost?

Title insurance is one of the fees your lender requests during closing for their own protection. But, as a homebuyer, you may be wondering whether title insurance is worth the cost. You need to know the importance of title insurance and how it can protect you from hidden hazards associated with buying a home. Here’s…

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