Is Title Insurance Part Of Your New Homeowner Move-In Checklist?

Moving into a new home — especially a brand new, never-lived-in-before home — can be an immensely exciting prospect. Maybe you’re moving across the country because you’re starting a promising new job. Maybe you’re simply moving closer to family, or perhaps you just want a change from the colder weather and you’ve heard great things about South Florida (great news — it’s all true!). 

In any case, new homeownership stirs a myriad of emotions and it’s very easy to be swept up in the moment during the initial romance period with your new house. As much as we want you to settle in and start enjoying your new place to the fullest of your abilities, it’s incredibly important to make sure that you’re covering your bases and exercising your due diligence to protect your home for years to come. 

Broward County Title Insurance For Peace Of Mind

That’s where title insurance comes in. Clearing your home’s title, especially if it’s an older home that’s been lived in before, is an essential aspect of the greater closing process. Title Partners of South Florida is Fort Lauderdale’s number one closing company, helping countless homeowners enjoy a smooth, memorable, and engaging closing experience. 

Proudly serving communities in Broward County and Miami-Dade County, we’re here to help new and seasoned homeowners navigate the entire closing process with ease. Allow us to take the stress off of your plate; after all, you have plenty to do as you’re preparing to move into your new home! 

Below, we’re covering several standard items that should be on your move-in checklist. Keep reading for your own research, learn more on our comprehensive Florida title insurance FAQ page, or feel free to contact us at any time for a free quote or with any questions. Let’s get started! 

Your Move-In Checklist, Abridged

Make Sure Everything Is Squared Away With Your Old Home

Whether you were renting your old home or you sold it to a willing buyer or real estate company, it’s important to dot your t’s and cross your i’s before you part ways with your old house. 

Not only should you be extra careful and thorough to ensure that you’ve successfully removed everything that’s yours from the property, but you should also make sure that you’re officially done with the transaction or rental agreement before you vacate the premises and new people eventually move in. 

Remember, you’ll have plenty to deal with when it comes to getting properly settled into your new home, so the last thing you’ll want to add on to your plate is anything that concerns your old place of living. 

Transfer Your Utilities

There’s no sense in paying for gas, electricity, water, trash pick-up, or any other municipal or private utility service when you’re not using it — it’s simply a waste of money not to cancel or transfer these services to your new residence (if possible). 

These utility companies appreciate ample notice when it comes to your move. So, if you’re about a month out of closing on your new home and you’re planning on moving two weeks after the official closing date, notify your utility company in a few weeks. This is even more important if it’s prime moving season and the utility companies are busy opening new accounts. 

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Schedule Your Internet and Cable Installation In Advance

In today’s technology-driven day and age, you and the family will likely go crazy spending even two days in your new home without reliable internet connectivity. It’s essential to have a solid internet connection these days, and if you work from home or work remotely, it’s literally required of you to be using the internet. 

While you can always go somewhere with public wifi access until your new home has internet set up, we can all agree that working or surfing the web at home is certainly more comfortable than taking up precious bandwidth at the local coffee shop. 

Update Your Address

If you’re moving, your address is changing. There’s simply no way around needing to change your address, so you may as well be proactive about it. Mail carriers like the USPS make it remarkably simple and easy to re-route your mail to your new address, though it may take awhile until your request is fully processed. That’s why it’s important to do this in advance, but also not too early. Moving is a matter of timing. 

Bank account information, credit cards, driver’s licenses, car registration, insurance information, subscriptions, etc. will all need to be updated so that your information is aligned properly and that packages actually arrive where you’re living. 

Make Sure That The Locks Have Been Changed

If you’re moving into an older home, there’s no telling what the previous owners or real estate company did with the locks. Sure, you have the keys now, but there could be other copies of your house keys floating around. For the sake of your home’s security and the safety of you and your family, we strongly recommend getting a local lock and key expert to swap out the locks and provide you with new keys, or at the very least, finding a way to prove that you’re the only one with access to your home’s locks. 

Double-Check Your Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Making sure that your new home’s detectors are fully operational may include more than simply replacing the batteries. A good home inspection company will triple-check that the wiring is safely connected and that these alert systems are fully operational. 

Home inspectors will also make sure that your new home’s HVAC system is running smoothly and won’t break down on you anytime soon — something that’s very important to ensure your comfort given the Florida heat. 

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