How Our Title Company Helps South Florida Real Estate Agents Thrive

When it comes to buying a home or appraising a property, location is an important factor to consider. We’ve all heard the expression “location, location, location” before, and while location is, again, a major aspect of the real estate industry as a whole, there’s a whole lot more to take into account as a South Florida realtor. 

Title Partners of South Florida frequently works with families and first-time homebuyers in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. We proudly provide a worry-free, hassle-free closing experience by clearing titles and helping buyers navigate the entire closing process with ease, but we also have a demonstrated history of excellence working directly with real estate professionals in the area. 

The Problem — And Our Solution

Those who purchase a home and work with a realtor tend to forget about who they’ve worked with. By this, we mean that most people who need the services of a realtor again in their lives rarely re-hire the same agent. According to a consumer panel at Real Estate Connect San Francisco, a staggering 83% of real estate agents don’t receive any repeat business from their clients. 

As a return favor for referring your clients to our title insurance company, Title Partners of South Florida offers tools, resources, and other helpful services for realtors to help boost client retention and lock in repeat business. Equity is important in the real estate world, and that’s why we provide a number of ways to help engage with your past clients in an effort to keep your business top-of-mind. 

To elaborate on how exactly we serve realtors in South Florida, today’s blog post centers around our benefits for realtors. Learn more below, and as always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our title insurance professionals with any questions. 

How We Engage With Real Estate Professionals

Access to NextDeal

NextDeal is a revolutionary real estate marketing and contact system. Focused around clients who’ve already closed with you (and us), NextDeal automatically sends emails packed with great information about their house, neighborhood, and other relevant pieces of data. NextDoor also securely stores encrypted files and homeowner documents that can be accessed by the homeowners any time and as often as they’d like. This saves you and your team time, as your post-closing clients don’t need to go through you just to access any of their paperwork or files. 

The point with NextDeal is that it helps you keep in touch with your clients without seeming bothersome — and, best of all, you don’t have to do any work! NextDeal also helps your previous clients easily refer to send you any leads of their own, working as an efficient networking and lead generation tool. 

Remote Closing and Industry-Leading E-Sign Capabilities

With everyone living busy lives, it can be difficult to coordinate schedules and get everyone in the same room at the same time. Fortunately, Title Partners makes mobile closing easy and effective. So long as you and your client(s) have a secure, strong internet connection, we can initiate or even finalize the closing process in its entirety. 

E-signatures also make it easy to officiate documents without the party’s physical presence. Though many lenders around the country are yet to fully adopt and integrate e-signing into their practice, Title Partners uses e-signatures whenever we can. A point-and-click signature is all that it takes to sign away documents, and the process can be even be done via tablet or smartphone! 

In-House Legal Assistance

Need access to an attorney? Contract reviews can be cumbersome if you’re not working with individuals who are versed in contract law or don’t have a background in the subject. In other cases, legal representation on the client’s behalf may also be necessary. In these cases, or any legal circumstance, we’re happy to assist your brokerage and save you the trouble with our convenient in-house attorney. Contact us for details. 

Easy Access Online Quotes

When you attempt to refer your clients to our title insurance company (thank you ahead of time!), their first question may be: how expensive are their services? Our free, fast online quote generator helps answer this question with an approximate figure in a matter of a few minutes. 

Extensive, High-Level Buyer Education

Title insurance, closing, and the legalese that accompanies buying a home can be…difficult to navigate. We understand; though we’re experts in the field, we’re aware that the average home buyer — especially first-time homebuyers — aren’t familiar with this area. Our Homebuyer’s Closing Information Guide and Title Insurance Q&A page make it easy to synthesize this information in a way that makes sense. 

A Stellar, Memorable Closing Experience Backed Our 5-Star Reputation

While closing on a home is thought to be a dull legal formality that’s simply a required part of buying a home, Title Partners of South Florida strives to work one-on-one with new and long-time homeowners to help make the experience as engaging and noteworthy as possible.  

We take immense pride in our work and a job well done. Our Google reviews support this claim! 

Title Insurance In Miami-Dade County With Realtors In Mind

At the end of the day, equity and repeat business are the best ways to solidify your market presence as a prominent, trustworthy realtor in South Florida. If you want access to these tools all while maintaining happy clients through our unbeatable closing services, Title Partners of South Florida is here to help. 

Elevate your real estate business and take the next step to success by reaching out and working with our title specialists today. 

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