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The Difference Between a Deed and a Title

Many homebuyers and sellers are overwhelmed not only by the process of buying and selling a home, but also by the terms and legal jargon involved. From escrows and encroachments to deeds, titles, and adverse possession, it’s easy to be confused.

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A deed and a title are closely related but not the same.

A Title

A title states legal ownership of something. A title is a shortened form or “entitle,” so you have ownership over something else. Titles can be held by one person, more than one person, or by legal entities, such as corporations or organizations.

A Deed

A deed transfers a title legally. Thus, when you sign a deed, you are explicitly saying that you are giving ownership of your property to someone else. In this case, you are the grantor, and you are transferring property to the grantee.

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One crucial difference between a title and a deed is that a deed is a legal document that has to be recorded in order to be validated. Thus, deeds are public records held at the courthouse. Thus, a title is more abstract; whereas, a deed is concrete that you can hold in your hand.

A title search is conducted where the public records are searched in order to verify that the seller has the legal right to sell the property. Once a clean title is determined, a deed will be drawn up, which will be signed at closing by the seller, legally transferring the property to the buyer. This will then be recorded, cementing the property sale legally.


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