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What Is A Title Company, And What Does A Title Company Do?

A house is a beautiful thing. The physical structure protects you and its occupants from our harsh South Florida sun and persistent humidity, providing you with a comfortable, safe, and secure living situation. Your house becomes a home once you’ve settled in with your loved ones, and from there, you’ll start to create lifelong memories.

The Importance Of Protecting Your New Home’s Title

But without a proper South Florida title insurance policy, none of this may happen — or even worse, this picturesque living situation can be taken away from you. Why? That’s because failing to have an airtight title insurance policy could result in a previous claim or dispute taking over your house. At the very least, failing to get your property’s title cleared could result in a major financial and legal headache.

What Is A Title Company?

A title company is designed to protect your home, whether it’s brand new or new-to-you, in the event of a problem resulting in a claim against your ownership. The title company’s responsibility, not unlike our South Florida title company’s responsibility, is to clear your property’s title while issuing you a comprehensive title insurance policy. This title insurance policy will then, depending on the terms of your specific policy, provide you with a legal defense against other claims or past rights on your property. Even if the claim is valid, your insurance policy will still reimburse your actual loss up to the face amount as outlined in your policy. Title insurance will also pay any court costs and related fees. CTA - Providing Our Clients With A Professional Engaging And Memorable Closing Experience

What Does A Title Company Do?

In short, and as one would expect, title companies issue title insurance policies and clear the titles of properties so that the potential for disputes are mitigated to the greatest possible extent, if not outright eliminated. But not all title companies are different. At Title Partners of South Florida, we serve Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties, and aim to provide the following experience for our clients:
  • The ability to close on-time (with no delays)
  • No post-close title issues
  • A stress-free, simple, and easy-to-understand overall closing experience
  • An affordable title insurance policy and general closing costs
  • The peace of mind that your home (and its title) will be secure for the long-term

Our Dedication To South Florida Homeowners

At Title Partners of South Florida, our dedication is to you as our client — we don’t have any third-party interests. Your interest is our sole interest, and our goal is to provide you with an engaging, professional, and memorable closing experience that you’ll look back on with positive thoughts. We understand that the closing process can be drawn out, often confusing, and generally overcomplicated. That’s why our title company provides help with closing on a personalized, in-person basis to really help you understand our services. At the end of the day, we’re here to help protect your home from any potential legal disputes. After all, it’s your home that you’re buying…you deserve to keep it that way!

Learn More About Our Top Rated Local® South Florida Title Insurance Specialists

In the interest of total transparency and credibility, we encourage our readers to read our extensive collection of 5-star Google reviews, learn more about our team, or reference our Q&A page. Our blog is also a great resource for those in search of title insurance in Broward County, Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade County, and beyond. Call us today to get started at (954)-566-6000, or reach out to Title Partners of South Florida online to get a free title insurance quote. We’re excited to help you lock down the home of your dreams!]]>


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