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Title Insurance Online Quote Calculator – Should You Use Them?

Call for a Title Insurance Quote | Title Partners of South Florida

Do you need a title insurance quote with detailed and accurate title insurance rates and closing costs?

You can search for an online title insurance quote with a few clicks, but are you sure that the quote is an accurate representation of the actual rates and fees you will pay at closing? Many sites now offer a title insurance quote calculator to attract traffic and provide instant rates, but you’re much better off with a quick personalized quote that takes all the fixed and variable costs into consideration. There’s simply no way for an online title insurance quote calculator to factor in all of the variables of your specific transaction to give you a guaranteed and completely accurate title insurance quote.

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Here are four (4) benefits of requesting a custom quote vs. using an automatic title insurance quote calculator:

1. In-Depth Personal Consultation

Title insurance fees and rates, as well as all other closing costs, are some of the most important factors in a home purchase or sale. So it’s important to consult with a licensed title insurance agent who can provide you with valuable knowledge and guidance throughout the closing process. Requesting a personalized quote makes it easy to ask relevant questions about the quote. Reputable title companies should go out of their way to explain how they determine the final rates and fees. The title company should provide answers to all of your questions, ensure you fully understand the fees and make you feel comfortable with the process. Plus, in-person or a phone conversation boosts your confidence and allows you to ask questions to ensure you’re receiving an accurate quote.

 2. Accurate Title Rates and Fees

Customized title insurance quotes are more likely to give you an accurate total of the title and closing fees. Some title fee calculators are programmed to provide you with low rates to bait you in. Many title companies do this to attract more leads to their business. They believe most consumers use title insurance quote calculators to shop around, and many are looking for the lowest rates. Some quotes don’t reveal the total costs after adding specific closings costs, which can convince shoppers that the price will be lower than it really is. Don’t be fooled by an automatic quote calculator. Does your quote sound too good to be true? It may be. Do your due diligence, speak with reputable title companies, and request a custom title insurance quote.

 3. A More Detailed Title Insurance Quote

Quick personalized quotes are more detailed because the company can obtain more than just the basic information before sending the quote to you. In addition to the title and settlement rates provided by most automated quote platforms, custom calculated quotes by a licensed title agent will provide all of the following if applicable to your specific transaction:
  • Closing / Escrow / Settlement Fee
  • Owner’s Title Insurance Policy
  • Lender’s Title Insurance Policy
  • Endorsements
  • Document Storage
  • Courier Fees
  • Notary Fees
  • Title Search
  • Municipal Lien Search
  • Wire Fees
  • Survey
  • Recording Fees and Other Taxes
  • Transfer Taxes
This complete understanding of the full rates you’ll be charged will keep your mind at ease and give you a clear picture of your full investment. This in-depth understanding is crucial, especially for first-time homebuyers.

4. Honest Title Rates With A Detailed Explanation

The title insurance market is highly competitive, and many companies may want to win you over with lower prices. But the truth is, you get what you pay for. Prices obtained from a title agent are a product of a direct relationship and conversation. No hidden costs or charges are kept away, only to be added when you get to closing. Custom quotes reveal the type of communication and customer service you’ll enjoy after that. Plus, title companies that offer personalized calculated quotes tend to be more confident and stand by their quote. You can easily predict the type of closing experience you’ll have by evaluating how the quote is presented to you and the communication you receive during the process.

Why Get a Custom Title Insurance Quote from Title Partners of South Florida?

Requesting a custom title insurance quote with us has a few key benefits, including:
  • Custom Consultation – When you partner with us, you receive an in-person, custom title insurance consultation that is catered specifically to your unique needs.
  • Expert Opinion – Our experienced title agents have more than 20 years in the business, making us the smart choice you can trust with your closing.
  • Accuracy – Our attention to detail means you’ll receive a complete and accurate quote for your title insurance and other associated closing costs!
  • Transparency – We make it our business to be clear about our rates, including where your costs are coming from and why. We’re proud to offer a complete, simplified closing experience at an affordable cost to you.

Request an Accurate and Complete Title Insurance and Closing Costs Quote Today

You can get a quick personalized quote from Title Partners of South Florida today. Have questions about title insurance and closing? Take the next step and contact us online for answers, or call (954) 566-6000 to speak with an experienced member of our team today.

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